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ICS Live: Advances in Neuromodulation: Complex Clinical Cases

Friday 29 May 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Join ICS experts Marcio Averbeck, Howard Goldman and Hashim Hashim on Thursday 11th June at 12.00 BST (GMT +1).

This webinar addresses the role of minimally invasive neuromodulation techniques (sacral (SNM), posterior tibial (PTNS), and implantable tibial nerve devices) in patients with LUTD.

Target audience includes doctors, physiotherapists and nurses. Clinical cases will be presented to shed light on indications, troubleshooting and follow-up.

The aims of the webinar include:

  • Raise awareness on current indications of minimally invasive neuromodulation techniques for LUTD, including patients with neurological lesions;
  • Provide tips and tricks to avoid complications;
  • Develop advanced programming skills;
  • Recognise current unmet needs and the role of recent technological developments.

The faculty include Marcio Averbeck (Urologist, Brazil, chair), Howard Goldman (Urologist, USA) and Hashim Hashim (Urologist, UK) who are experts in various neuromodulation techniques.

Please see the below local times for this event:

Location Local Time Time Zone UTC Offset
London (United Kingdom - England) Thursday, 11 June 2020, 12:00:00 BST UTC+1 hour
San Francisco (USA - California) Thursday, 11 June 2020, 04:00:00 PDT UTC-7 hours
New York (USA - New York) Thursday, 11 June 2020, 07:00:00 EDT UTC-4 hours
Berlin (Germany - Berlin) Thursday, 11 June 2020, 13:00:00 CEST UTC+2 hours
Sydney (Australia - New South Wales) Thursday, 11 June 2020, 21:00:00 AEST UTC+10 hours

You can join in the debate via the comments section on the ICS website and the experts about their presentation. If you can't join us live you can still add your questions in advance.

Don’t worry if you miss it live you can watch it back later!

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