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FREE Educational Videos that you need to watch!

On behalf of the ICS Nursing Committee, we are pleased to highlight the ICS 2020 Online sessions which we feel provide the latest updates that Nurses need to know.

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RT2: Clinical Issues & Ongoing Research with Indwelling Catheters: Washouts and More
Presented by Diane Newman, Chris Bradway and Suzanne Hagen. This session provides a review of the international IUC nursing research, Cochrane review on catheter washouts. Qualitative research on long term catheters and common complications.

Workshop 21: ICS Core Curriculum: Promoting Bladder and Pelvic Health in Populations with Continence Vulnerability
Presented by Angie Rantell, Lori Saiki, Lisa Krabbenhoft and Amy Hull.
Nurses have long championed access to health care for vulnerable populations. This workshop highlights strategies for promoting bladder and pelvic health in populations with continence vulnerability, including menopausal and post-partum women, marginalized communities, and adults with neurogenic bladder dysfunctions. Featured strategies include proactive conversations with menopausal women about pelvic health; imaginative outreach and continence education to marginalized groups; a standardized self-management protocol for long-term indwelling catheter users; and non-surgical treatment for post-partum women with stress urinary incontinence.

SOA8: Nurses Forum
Presented by Donna Bliss, Mikel Gray and Tamara Dickinson.
Listen to lectures of recent research and experiences of nursing around the world. As well as the latest updates from the ICS Nursing Committee.

W14: Bladder Management: Merging Patient-Centred Care with Evidence-Based Research
Presented by Diane Newman, Tomas Griebling, Angie Rantell and Sharon Eustice.
The aim of this workshop is to bring ICS attendees up to date on bladder management in patients who have bladder dysfunction secondary to failure to empty urine. In these patients, treatment goals include strategies to maintain low detrusor storage pressure, preserve upper urinary tract function, prevent UTIs, maximize continence, and improve quality of life to the highest degree possible. Evidence-based international guidelines are available, so clinicians remain current, informed and provide patient-centred care. This workshop will provide a review of evidence-based strategies for bladder management in the hospitalized older patient, in women post-anti-incontinence surgery, and those requiring long-term self-catheterization.

SPT3: Spotlight On SUNA: Defining the Role of the Urology Continence Nurse Specialist
Presented by Donna Thompson.
SUNA, The Society of Urologic Nurses and Associates, is a U.S.-based professional community of Advanced Practice Nurses, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses and Associates dedicated to improving the urologic health of our patients and families through high quality education, research and evidence-based clinical practice. We are a network of over 2,000 members promoting quality urologic care since 1972. SUNA has defined the role of Urologic Nursing with a focus on the Advanced Practice Urologic Nurse (Nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist) through its landmark publication; Core Curriculum for Urologic Nursing. The organization publishes a professional, peer-reviewed bi-monthly journal (Urologic Nursing Journal) and a newsletter (Uro-Gram) as well as providing two state of the art conferences, the Advanced Practice UroLogic Conference in the spring and the UroLogic Conference in the fall of each year. SUNA establishes the scope and standards of urologic practice for all levels of nursing care as well as supporting Nursing Certification at entry level and advanced practice. SUNA provides support for urologic research, currently funding a survey of Continence Nurse Specialists.

SUNA has long been a champion for continence nursing and recently has refocused efforts to define the unique contributions urologic nursing brings to overall continence care as well as provide a vision for the future of this much in demand nursing specialty.

Abstract 608, Understanding the impact of urinary incontinence in patients with dementia: Development of an interdisciplinary service model
Presented by Patrick Jones .
Dementia is estimated to affect over 1 million people in the UK by 2021 and the prevalence of concomitant urinary symptoms such as incontinence is estimated to exceed 50%. The resultant psychological and socio-economic burden for patient, family and carers can be substantial [1].
Our aim was to develop a dedicated urology service within a cognitive impairment clinic led by neurologists in order to treat and better understand the bothersome urinary symptoms suffered by these patients, with a focus on patients with dementia and urinary incontinence (UI).

Conclusion: In patients with cognitive impairment who develop UI, it can be distressing and disrupt many facets of daily life. Moreover, it can serve as the precursor to loss of independence and even early nursing home admission. Bladder and bowel services are invaluable and awareness of the benefits of such resources should be increased across primary and secondary care. Development and expansion of models like this one and improved inter-speciality referral pathways are important steps improving patient care.

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