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Important Notice: Update to Basic Science Profession Title and ICS Annual Meeting Track

Tuesday 11 May 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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After a consultation exercise with many active scientists within the ICS community, the ICS Board of Trustees have decided to rename the Basic Science profession and track. This change will more accurately reflect the interests and wishes of the scientists in our society, and those submitting research to our annual scientific meetings.

The Basic Science profession title within ICS will now be amended to ‘Research Scientist’. In addition, the annual meeting Basic Science track will now be renamed ‘Pure and Applied Science’. These changes will apply immediately and be in effect for 2021 membership and for ICS 2021 Online. Please bear with us while we update the references across the ICS website.

The consultation exercise was conducted by long-time ICS member and Research Scientist, Chris Fry. This was based on comments received by ICS members, which proposed that the term ‘Basic Science’ had become outdated. The results of the consultation exercise confirmed a consensus agreement on the need to update the term ‘Basic Science’. The profession and track choices were agreed by the consultation group, and subsequently discussed and then ratified by the ICS Board of Trustees.

ICS welcomes all feedback from members regarding titles and terms used within our website and papers. Should you have any suggestions or feedback then please contact the office on:

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