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Prof Christopher Henry Fry
University of Bristol

ICS 2023

Podium Short Oral Session 12 Physiology and Pharmacology 94 Salt and water transport across the human bladder wall

ICS 2022

Podium Short Oral Session 33 The Best of the Rest in Science 507 Cellular pathways contributing to fibrosis in the bladder wall of children with exstrophy

ICS 2020

Podium Short Oral Session 11 Therapeutic Mechanisms 156 Stretch- and carbachol-induced ATP release from the bladder wall of young and aged mice.

Podium Short Oral Session 14 Functional and Morphological Investigations 208 Comparison of pre- and post-ganglionic nerve stimulation of the pig and rat bladder.

Podium Short Oral Session 30 New Frontiers 451 Determinants of contractile function of the bladder wall from children with congenital anomalies

ICS 2018

Podium Short Oral Session 24 Basic Science: Overactive Bladder and Pain 462 Atropine resistance and ATP release in human overactive bladder

ICS 2013

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 352 Detrusor overactivity in women and the association with changes to in vitro contractile function and altered genotype

Non Discussion Poster Session 34 369 The influence of heating (37-50 °C) on spontaneous contractile activity of isolated bladder

Podium Poster Session 9 Basic Science 3: Cell and Tissue Interactions 76 A comparison of the functional properties of human detrusor smooth muscle from paediatric and adult patients with stable bladders

Podium Poster Session 9 Basic Science 3: Cell and Tissue Interactions 79 The function and regulation of stress-induced acetylcholine release from the bladder urothelium

ICS 2011

Podium Poster Session 27 Molecules and Cell Signalling 276 Electrophysiological properties and intracellular Ca2+ regulation in urothelium subjected to stretch

Podium Poster Session 28 Pregnancy and its consequences 283 The contractile and histological properties of human bladder samples obtained from children with normal and pathological bladders.

Non Discussion Poster Session 29 325 The overactive bladder and the role of P2Y agonists

Non Discussion Poster Session 29 413 The regulation of stretch-induced ATP release from urothelium by adenosine

Podium Poster Session 8 Investigation and Intervention 95 The physiological properties of the decompensated, spinal cord injured bladder


Podium Poster Session 10 Miscellaneous I 87 Differential expression and translation of adenosine receptor agonists in human detrusor from stable and overactive bladders and its consequence in regulating detrusor contractility.

ICS 2009

Non Discussion Poster Session 32 385 The contractile properties of isolated human detrusor muscle – effect of age, gender and pathology

ICS 2007

Non Discussion Poster Session 17 167 Synergy between neurotransmitter actions in trigonal smooth muscle

Podium Poster Session 8 Pharmacology, Basic and Clinical:Room: Grote Zaal - Chairs: Karl Erik Andersson & Martin Michel 52 Modulation of sub-urothelial myofibroblast responses to sensory modulators

Podium Poster Session 8 Pharmacology, Basic and Clinical:Room: Grote Zaal - Chairs: Karl Erik Andersson & Martin Michel 55 The mechanism of atropine resistance in human detrusor muscle

ICS 2013

27 August 2013 09:00 W13 Biomarkers for detrusor overactivity
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Christopher Fry

ICS Co-Editor

Qualifications:Professor PhD
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I am professor of applied physiology at Bristol university with an interest in the physiology and pathophysiology of the urinary tract.
I also undertake research in cardiology and applied cardiovascular sciences
I graduated with a BSc in Biological sciences and PhD in Biophysics and subsequently all attained a degree in Mathematics.
I received a DSc in Physiology from University College London in 1993 and was made a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons at Edinburgh in 2013 for services to surgical training in research
I have a life long interest in teaching and training science and medical trainees and professionals in the fundamental principles for sciences underpinning physiology, pharmacology and medical disciplines

Prof Christopher Henry Fry declared on the Thursday 4th January 2024 that they had the following existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations:

National Institutes of Health

  • Research grant