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ICS at Tabriz Functional Urology webinar (TIFU 2021)

Wednesday 24 Nov 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Tabriz International functional urology congress held its 4th biennial Meeting online, 12-13th August 2021. The event convened urology and urogynecolog specialists from across the world , focused on three main issues; Neurourology, Urodynamic and Urogynecology

The webinar opening was attended by the Iranian continence society (IrICS) president, Professor Sakineh Hajebrahimi and included a special welcome from the president of Iranian Urology Association (IUA) Professor Abbas Basiri .

The two-day webinar comprised 3 plenary sessions in the morning and evening, with 4-5 speakers per session. Each speaker was given 15 minutes to present, followed by 5 minutes for questions, ending with 60 minute case presentation panel.

Each session related to core themes of functional urology field with a particular focus on the Neurourology and urodynamic. Central themes and questions of Neurourology session included:

2-How can we evaluate and diagnose of NLUTD
3-Urodynamic classification and role in NLUTD
4- Treatment recommendations
5- Full group discussions on pre-prepared real cases and questions following the session.

With a focus on the UDS in female SUI, post prostatectomy male incontinence and case-based discussion, the advanced urodynamic session addressed a variety of topics relevant to the main goals of the session, including specific questions and answers about UDS findings.

In the urogynecology sessions the main focused issue was POP, recent studies about apical prolapse procedures. Including new techniques introduced by Iranian and European urogynecologists, leading to some very interesting and challenging debates.

Conference Highlights included - the importance of urodynamic test in male and female LUTS, concomitant incontinence and POP controversies. The conference also provided an overview of neurourology which unfamiliar with many general urologists however takes major part of functional urology.

Overall the meeting was received positive feedback from delegates and the main goals for the event were achieved. ICS looks forward to future events held by TIFU.

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