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Sakineh Hajebrahimi
Urology Department Imam Reza Teaching Hospital

ICS 2021

Open Discussion Session 15 On Demand Continence Care Products / Devices / Technologies 142 Sacral Neuromodulation in Patients with Underactive Bladder: The Outcomes of a Multicenter Case Series

Open Discussion Session 17 On Demand Female Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) / Voiding Dysfunction 159 Effect of weight Pulling ,Pushing and Valsalva Maneuver on the Dynamic of the Lower Urinary Tract Using Biomechanical and Urodynamic Simulation

Open Discussion Session 17 On Demand Female Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) / Voiding Dysfunction 194 Efficacy of combination therapy of midurethral sling and low-dose Abobotulinumtoxin-A injection in mixed urinary incontinence

Open Discussion Session 22 On Demand Male Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) / Voiding Dysfunction 259 Prevalence of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Low and Middle-Income Countries, a Joint Project of ICS Developing World Community and Research Center of Evidence-Based Medicine

Open Discussion Session 35 On Demand Research Methods / Techniques 536 An Adapted Enhanced Recovery Protocol for Adult Augmentation Cystoplasty in limited sources countries: A pilot clinical trial

ICS 2019

Podium Short Oral Session 29 Urogynaecology 5 533 Prevalence of urinary incontinence in developing world: A systematic review and meta-analysis A Report from the International Continence Society Developing World Committee Working Group and Research Center for Evidence Based Medicine.

ICS 2017

Open Discussion Session 35 Open Discussion ePosters 3 680 Anterior vaginal mucosal flap approach for female urethral reconstruction in patients with urethral stricture

ICS 2014

Non Discussion Abstract Session 50 Read By Title 748 Tadalafil vs. Placebo on Ureteral Stenting Related Symptoms, A Randomized Controlled trial- Results of the Pilot Study

ICS 2012

Non Discussion Poster Session 31 380 Is the CONSORT checklist criteria included in the abstracts of Randomized Controlled Trials published in International Continence Society conference- 2011?

Non Discussion Poster Session 31 385 A Study on the Rate of Adherence to STARD Standards in the Abstracts of Diagnostic Studies, Published in International Continence Society Abstract Book 2011.

Non Discussion Poster Session 31 565 Perception Of Pain And Distress Among Healthy Women Undergoing Urethral Catheterization

ICS 2011

Non Discussion Poster Session 29 323 Histopathological effects of three mid-urethral tape brands: an animal study on female rats

ICS 2007

Non Discussion Abstract Session 19 Read By Title 409 Comparison Study of Tamsulosin and Prazosin Effects On Voiding Difficulties in Women

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Sakineh Hajebrahimi

Committee Member

Qualifications:Staff Member Professor Chairman of Department/Section
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Professor of Urology MD: Orumieh University of Medical Science 1987-1994, Orumieh. Iran Postgraduate Training: 1995-1999 Residency, Urology, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Certified: Iranian Medical Council License 1994 Iranian Board of Urology, 1999. ****Awards, Fellowships, Training

  • Neurourology and Urodynamic Research fellowship from Montreal children Hospital, McGill University Montréal, Quebec, Canada 2003.
  • Female urology in Jewish General hospital, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 2003
  • Urogynecology international curse, McGill University Montreal , Quebec, Canada 2002
  • Neuro-urology observership in urology department of Sheffield University (by supervision of professor Chappel), Sheffield, UK 2009
  • Fellowship of clinical evidence based medicine, Adelaide University, Australia 2016
  • Top researcher staff award in “Research Festival of TUMS” 2005
  • Top Associate Professor Award in Tabriz Medical School 2006.
  • Best educational process award (Evidence Based Practice in urology department) Tabriz 2008 -Best researcher staff award in “Research Festival of TUMS” 2011
  • Second top research and educational center(EBM) award in “National Festival of TUMS” 2015

Sakineh Hajebrahimi declared on the Saturday 6th March 2021 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).