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ICS at the 2nd Oman Urology Society Conference!

Friday 29 Oct 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The Oman Urology Society (OUS) organized the 2nd Oman Urology Society Conference (OUSC21) on September 17-19, 2021. Dr. Mohamed S. Al-Marhoon, the president of OUS was the chair of this congress. The meeting was fully virtual due to the pandemic. Upon the assignment of the Education Committee, Dr. Tufan Tarcan represented the ICS in the congress with one workshop and 2 lectures and also moderated the session of Female and Functional Urology.

Pre-Conference Workshops/Courses were hold on the 16th September 2021 including the Urodynamic Workshop. The Urodynamic Workshop was planned as a one-hour interactive course where about 15 attendees joined the online interactive case discussions on various cases with neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction (N-LUTD) caused by different etiologies such as multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, Parkinson’s disease and multiple system atrophy. Several examples were studied on how urodynamic studies can change the decision-making in the management of N-LUTD. The ICS good clinical practice, standardization of terminology papers and the ICS teaching modules were quoted wherever relevant during the workshop.

The session of Female and Functional Urology was held on the 3rd day of the congress and included 4 lectures and a Q&A and panel discussion. The session started with Dr. Tarcan’s lecture on the indications for urodynamic studies that highlighted the basic principles and philosophy of urodynamic studies reflected to different disease conditions of the lower urinary tract. The session continued with Dr. Sherif Mourad’s “state of the art” talk on the use of mesh-based slings. Dr. Mourad informed the audience about the contemporary surgical management of female stress urinary incontinence, gave an update on the use of synthetic slings and discussed the current status of the mesh controversy. After this talk, Dr. Bassem Wadie gave a comprehensive lecture on the management of urinary fistulas. Urinary fistulas constitute a significant female health problem in the region and the education of urologists and uro-gynecologists play a very important role in the management. The last talk of the session was given again by Dr Tarcan which was about the management of N-LUTD. The panel discussion after these 4 lectures was effective and fruitful.

It was really exciting to take part in the virtual 2nd Oman Urology Society Conference and represent the ICS. Besides the scientific value, it was also a good opportunity to deliver the invitation to the ICS 2021 virtual annual congress and also to promote ICS membership by emphasizing its benefits among the Oman urologists. I would like to congratulate Dr. Mohamed S. Al-Marhoon for organizing this successful meeting and hope to improve the collaboration between ICS and the OUS in the future. Last but not least, many thanks to the Education Committee for this opportunity!

Article by Mr Tufan Tarcan

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