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2021 - A year in Review

Monday 20 Dec 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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2021, although not the year we had planned, has still been a fantastic year for ICS. Here are some highlights from this year:

ICS 2021 Melbourne Online was a great success, the stats from the event speak for themselves. With over 1,670 delegates from 101 countries, 15,289 Views on YouTube / Vimeo and 3,837 hours watched online! Our sincere thanks go to everyone who worked on the annual meeting programme - ICS Local Organising Committee, Scientific Committee, Education Committee, Kenes International and the ICS office staff. To name but a few.

ICI 7 took place online, following the annual meeting. Thank you to everyone who provided their feedback online and live, during the ICS Live Webinars. We will provide an update on the ICI-7 book publication in early 2022.

We launched our latest ICS educational platform - ICS Podcast! The first series of podcasts were organised by the ICS Physiotherapy Institute. ICS will offer a range of podcasts designed to enhance your understanding of various topics related to continence and pelvic floor disorders. Our engaging hosts bring you the most up to date evidence-based content and explore, debate and sometimes, conclude, a variety of subjects!

ICS Ethics Committee published their latest publication: ICS White Paper on Ethical Considerations in Older Adults with Urinary Incontinence.

ICS Standardisation Steering Committee published their latest document - The Terminology for Pelvic Floor Muscle Assessment. This document provides a consensus‐based report for the assessment of PFM function and dysfunction, to aid clinical practice and be a stimulus for research.

ICS Education Committee launched their new one-stop portal for Early Career Professionals – ICS Early Careers! This dedicated microsite is open, available, and useful to those at any stage of their career to view and access the latest ICS content, but is geared to the particular interest of those in training.

ICS Standards 2022 was published - providing members with many of the major initiatives of the International Continence Society in its role of supporting healthcare professionals to deliver care and develop knowledge.

Following the success of last year's ICS Live events. We continued offering these free (to members) events throughout the year. Including sessions on Neurouropelviperineology, Translation of in vivo preclinical research, male urethral stricture and urethral stricture in women. You can watch the back catalogue of events on the ICS Live page.

The 9th ICS Fistula Workshop took place in El Minia, Egypt. Providing delegates with hands-on surgical training on repairs to vaginal fistulas.

Finally, starting in January 2022, ICS will launch two new journals! Continence – the gold standard journal of the International Continence Society and Continence Reports – case based reports from the International Continence Society.

These successes could not have happened without the great help of the ICS Board of Trustees, Committees, Working Groups, and the dedicated staff of the ICS Office.

We look forward to working with, and supporting, all of our members next year and, hopefully, seeing you all face-to-face in ICS 2022 in Vienna!

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