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ICS video podcast with Laurence Stewart & Elise De - Abstracts & workshop hot topics

Monday 14 Feb 2022 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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This edition features Laurence Stewart (ICS Scientific Chair) and Elise De (ICS Education Committee Chair) talking about the abstract and workshop submissions they are looking forward to receiving.

Laurence Stewart thinks a new area of growth is electroceuticals - there is an increasing number of electrical devices on the market for overactivity. Not just being used in urology for urinary incontinence, but colorectal too. So hopefully we will receive some abstracts or workshops in this area. Plus, last year there was an interesting study on the surface science of the urothelium, discussing the Glickman gap. This is an interesting area for further research.

For workshops, Laurence would be keen to see Microbiome submissions. This is an interesting area and there's lots of research currently being undertaken in this area. It would be interesting to have good clinical advice on what to do with the microbiome and how to adjust it appropriately.

Elise De highlights that there are more medications coming through, so those would be interesting. As well as the electrical stimulation options. Plus, some of our guidelines are a few years old, so updated versions would be interesting. We have been missing hands-on workshops over the last few years – so we would encourage people to submit hands-on workshop. But, please keep in mind, how this could be converted to an online format, in the event that that is necessary.

Elise’s top tip for workshops – submissions need to be multi-disciplinary and international, wherever possible. If this is not possible, applicants should include an explanation as to why this is.

Will COVID change the type of research submitted? Initially, it did have an impact on professionals' research, but everyone is now back to work, despite COVID. So we expect that there will be a plethora of research submitted for the meeting.

Abstract & Workshop submission is now open, the deadline for submissions is 4th April 2022 23:59 BST (GMT +1 hr). For more information on abstracts and workshop submission, please click on the below link:

Click Here for Abstract Submission

Click Here for Workshop Submission

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