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Research Community: an ICS Membership Benefit

Tuesday 28 Mar 2023 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Are you getting the most out of the ICS Research Community? The research scheme is a useful benefit of ICS Membership well worth utilising as it enables networking with other leaders in continence research and can foster both professional & personal development.

The ICS Research Community, first set up in 2009 as an initiative of the Nursing Committee, enables networking for those interested in getting involved in new continence research projects and studies.

A Nursing Perspective

Nursing Committee Member, Janie Thompson, explains the value of research and networking and how this can enhance professional growth:

“Working in the field of continence nursing, it is vital to be up-to-date in the latest research in continence care to ensure the care you provide is evidence based and best practice. It is also equally important to be involved in research to seek out answers to the clinical questions you have and understand the process to undertaking research so you can critique research effectively. Undertaking research allows you the opportunity to grow professionally and, often, step outside you comfort zone to challenge yourself and your thinking".

"Networking is also an important aspect to developing yourself clinically. Making connections, learning from peers, supporting peers, being supported by peers, establishing mentors and collaborating on projects and research adds to the richness of the continence nursing role. Having a network of like-minded clinicians and academics helps to reinforce the work you do and can have an impact on the quality of life of the people you care for. You also benefit from the friendships these networking connections make to you personally and professionally".

How to use the Research Community

The initiative encompasses all ICS disciplines and welcomes all current ICS members who are interested in participating in research.

There are two main functions, allowing you to search for research participants, for example if you were seeking to build a research team, and to register your interest in research participation projects.

Search the Research Community

Register for Research Participation

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