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New reduced registration and workshop rates confirmed for ICS 2015!

Monday 02 Mar 2015 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Following the recent ICS Board meeting in Bristol the ICS Board of Trustees have reviewed the proposed registration and workshop rates for ICS 2015 and have decided to reduce these rates for this year!

The Board took into consideration the increasing costs that delegates face when travelling to international conferences and have therefore reduced these rates and reintroduced the non-member fee for nurses/physiotherapists and early career professionals. We will also offer a special reduced rate for Canadians!

All fees in USD: The reduced rates are shown below. Registration will open in March.

Registration CategoriesEarly FeeRegular FeeOnsite Fee
Payment Deadline15 Jul28 Sep29 Sep
Full Participants - ICS Members *$595.00$695.00$795.00
Full Participants - Non-Member$795.00$895.00$995.00
Nurses / physiotherapists / early career professionals - ICS Members *$275.00$365.00$465.00
NEW Nurses / physiotherapists / early career professionals - non members$350.00$435.00$535.00
NEW LOCAL Canadian registration fee - early fee ONLY$595.00
Exhibitors - Additional badges$235.00
Press$ -
Workshops and Other Sessions
Workshops - ICS Member - Early and late fee*$50$50$75
Workshops - Non-member - early and late fee$75$75$100
14th Physiotherapists' Round Table More info...$20
Pelvic Floor Exercise Class More info...$15
Annual Dinner
ICS Annual Dinner$110
  • Please note only valid 2015 ICS members will be entitled to the reduced rate and is subject to confirmation by the ICS office. ICS membership for 2015 closes on 30 September 2015 at 23:59:00 BST (GMT+1).To renew your membership please click here

This year we will also be offering a number of free sessions to delegates! These free sessions do not require pre-registration, simply turn up and join the discussion!

We also have a number of highlights confirmed for 2015, please click here to view more

To view the ICS 2015 information please click here

Should you wish to contact the office regarding the above please email

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