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Where can your ICS Membership take you?

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Each year the ICS offers members a range of awards, scholarships and fellowships. The awards are intended for early career professionals, allied health and non-medical professions or those from less economically developed countries who wish to further their clinical, research or practice experience related to bladder or bowel care. The goal of the award programme is to encourage career development, networking, evidence-based practice and research collaboration.
Three ICS members recently completed their studies at their host centres and share their experiences with their ICS colleagues:

2013 Urodynamics Fellowship - Ahmed Abdelrauof Elghiaty, Egypt
2014 Pfizer International Scholarship - Rebekah Das, India
2014 Neurourology Fellowship - Ahmed Abdelmotteleb Taha Eissa, Egypt

So what did our fellows and scholars learn?

Dr. Ahmed Abdelrauof Elghiaty was awarded with the ICS Urodynamic Fellowship for three months under the supervision of Professor Helmut Madersbacher at Innsbruck Medical University, Austria. Normally an assistant lecturer in urology in Egypt, Dr Elghiaty participated with Dr. Madersbacher in research work about Indwelling versus intermittent catheterisation in management of neurogenic bladder patients. He found the experience to be "a great chance to meet my colleagues, professors and experts in urology."

Dr Rebekah Das was awarded the Pfizer International Scholarship for a two week period at St Marks Hospital and Royal London Hospital, London. Dr Das is originally from Australia but is currently living and working in New Delhi, India. In India there is limited post-graduate /professional training for physiotherapists in pelvic floor rehabilitation or the treatment of incontinence. During her time at both hospitals Dr Das updated her skills on management of bowel evacuation disorders and learned new strategies for assisting patients with troublesome bowel symptoms. She indicated that the “Pfizer Scholarship provided me with an invaluable opportunity to expand my knowledge in this important area of clinical practice” She looks forward to applying what she has learned, to benefit patients who seek treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction in India.

Dr Ahmed Abdelmotteleb Taha Eissa, an assistant lecturer of urology from Egypt, was awarded the ICS Neurourology Fellowship for three months under the supervision of Professor Graham Creasey at Stanford University, California, USA. During his time at Stanford, Dr Eissa participated in a range of activities - neurourology and urodynamic clinics, sexual medicine clinics and the weekly journal club with Professor Creasey. Dr Eissa was also able to attend SUFU 2014 and met voiding dysfunction and urodynamic specialists from all over the USA. Dr Eissa reports that the “fellowship was a great experience to meet such great professors and I learned so much about neurourology.”

To read the full reports please click on the below links for more information.

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