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New year and new projects for the Nursing Committee

Friday 22 Jan 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The Nursing Committee has been very active this past year in efforts to support the goals of ICS as a whole and engage nurse members. More information is included in the Full-Term Report by Donna Bliss, Chair. Among our successes is launching a new nurses’ library on the ICS website. This repository of documents provides a valuable source of information to our nurse members. Alongside this is a new reference page for nurses to post the reference of their published work

The committee delivered a successful nurses forum and workshop in Montreal October 2015. The forum offers vital opportunity for connecting members with the Nursing Committee, discussing major activities of the ICS Nursing Committee and sharing experiences, and knowledge of members. It is inspiring to listen to the work of nurses in different parts of the world; and seek to understand differences and similarities. We evaluated feedback from those who attended. Overall the feedback was positive. Members who attended welcomed the meeting of peers; opportunity to discuss different practices and understand the diversity of nursing roles. The workshop lead by nurse colleagues in the host country of Canada had an excellent attendance. It focused on topic of Evidence Based Continence Care in Interdisciplinary and Nurse Led Services and Clinics. Plans are underway to organise these sessions with new topics for the ICS meeting in Tokyo.

During the meeting in Montreal 2015, one of the nurse committee members joined with Wiki group. We recommend that you have a look at the site. The aim of the Wiki is to provide a resource for all people interested in urinary tract and bowel function and dysfunction. It draws together terminology and other resources, giving current agreed definitions. It also provides a perspective and enables all stakeholders to provide comment and participate in debate. Nurses therefore have a valuable contribution to make to this effort.

The Nursing Committee is seeking to reach and encourage nurses across the globe involved in continence practice and research to join us. We realise many obstacles face nurses across the globe in terms of accessing professional and educational opportunities and encourage you to invite colleagues and potential members to the committee. The committee is working on providing the annual meeting needs of these nurses. Some new activities of our focus over the next 12 months will be an educational video about fundamentals of managing urinary catheters, and developing a best practice document for bladder and perhaps bowel training.

The Nursing Committee is pleased to confirm that this year we have one position available on the committee, starting on 15th September 2016. The Committee position is for a nursing ICS member who is interested in nursing projects and publications. Deadline for all applications is 1st April 2016. For more information on any of the above positions please contact Jenny Ellis via email at

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