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ICS 2016 State of the Art Lectures Confirmed!

Monday 01 Feb 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Scientific Co-Chairs, Naoki Yoshumura and Maki Nakata, are pleased to announce the confirmed State of the Art Lectures for ICS 2016. These are:

Osamu Yokoyama, MD, PhD (pictured)
Metabolic Syndrome and LUTS

Wednesday, 14th September
Bertil F.M. Blok, MD, PhD
CNS mechanisms in voiding dysfunction

Thursday, 15th September
Rufus Cartwright, MA ,MD (Res), MRCOG
The Genetics of LUTD and the Promise of Stratified Medicine

Friday, 16th September

Osamu Yokoyama stated that his state of the art lecture will cover the 'increasing evidence that has pointed to a relationship between LUTS and the presence of metabolic syndrome. The prevalence of obesity (BMI > 30) is markedly low in Asia, however, there is no difference in the prevalence of OAB between Asian countries and US & European countries. This lecture will review and emphasise lifestyle factors/diseases, which have a major influence on the development of LUTS. Understanding the underlying relationship between lifestyle factors and LUTS may lead to the development of new strategies for preventing and/or treating LUTS.'

Bertil Blok stated that his state of the art lecture will highlight the 'progress that has been made in the clarification of the role of the CNS in bladder and pelvic control. Unfortunately, this progress did not lead to a change of our clinical practice. This lecture will review several milestones in science. A possible roadmap will be presented for the next five years on how relevant basic, translational and clinical science can be combined in order to change our clinical practice for functional bladder disorders..'

Dr Cartwright will address the 'current state of knowledge regarding the genetic basis of pelvic floor disorders in men and women.' His talk will explore how new discoveries in genomics have arisen, and how targeted treatments based on genetic biomarkers may transform care

The Education Committee are working on the workshop programme and are introducing a core curriculum for ICS 2016, linked to the ICS committees and split between these disciplines. These Education Courses will be free to all delegates.

As proud hosts of the 6th International Consultation on Incontinence all ICS 2016 delegates will receive free registration to ICI sessions and can attend the presentations of all 23 committees for the latest snapshot of the state of the science in continence.

In addition the programme will have more than 10 round tables, live debates and multiple free ICS Committee activities during ICS 2016!

More information about the programme will follow shortly...

The 2016 Abstract Centre will open 1 March but you can read the abstract guidelines already and see what categories the ICS is calling for:

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