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ICS 2016 Programme Highlights for Early Career Professionals

Thursday 17 Mar 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS meeting in Tokyo in September 2016 will be an exciting one for early career professionals and we encourage you to attend. Here are some highlights for you:

ICI Sessions - Free to all!

As proud hosts of the 6th International Consultation on Incontinence all ICS 2016 delegates will receive free registration to ICI and can attend the presentations of all 23 committees for the latest snapshot of the state of the science in continence.

Early Career Session

At the Early Career Session we prepare a relaxed session with a combination of lectures and presentations which we think will be of great interest to those just starting their careers. Chris Chapple will be providing the keynote lecture at this year's early career session in Tokyo! The lecture, entitled "Communication Skills for Academic Progress" will provide delegates with suggestions on how to most effectively communicate their scientific and clinical research from an editor’s standpoint. Young ICS delegates can then present their abstract in a mock podium style session where a group of expert panellists will provide invaluable, one to one feedback on presentation skills, slides and scientific content. The review panel will be made up of key ICS members including Alan Wein (Urologist), Matthias Oelke (Urologist), Kari Bø (Physiotherapist), Holly Richter (Urogynaecologist), Rufus Cartwright (Urogynaecologist). Read more

State of the Art Lectures

As well as a range of concurrent sessions allowing you to select a timetable suitable to your interests, the ICS is pleased to announce the following State of the Art Lectures:

  • Metabolic Syndrome and LUTS - Osamu Yokoyama (Wednesday, 14th September)
  • CNS mechanisms in voiding dysfunction - Bertil F.M. Blok (Thursday, 15th September)
  • The Genetics of LUTD and the Promise of Stratified Medicine - Rufus Cartwright (Friday, 16th September)


The Education Committee has plenty of workshops that will be of great interest to early career professionals. We have highlight 3 which may be of interest to you:

  1. Basic Urodynamics - an interactive workshop, Andrew Gammie. All practitioners (nurses, technicians and doctors) who are involved with the practical aspects of urodynamic investigations, but who do not consider themselves to be experts.

  2. Management of Complications of Mesh Prolapse and Sling Surgery - Demonstration through Surgical Video Case, Howard Goldman. Many surgeons learn best by observing expert surgeons. Given the number of mesh sling and prolapse repair cases performed experts are confronted with complications of such cases. Most patients with such complications who are appropriately treated have resolution of symptoms. The critical point is that those surgeons dealing with such cases have the expertise to successfully manage them. This course will review the management of such complications with a focus on using surgical video demonstrations to specifically review the surgical techniques necessary for successful outcomes.

  3. How to Build an Evidence-Based Guideline – Important Epidemiological Principles, Marco Blanker. Despite the growing evidence in the field of lower urinary tract symptoms, the development and interpretation of guidelines remains difficult. This workshop aims to provide ICS members (both guideline-developers and users) with important background knowledge to enhance the quality of future guidelines.

Confirmed Round Tables

  • Self Management Evidence and Practice: Katherine Moore, Cara Tannenbaum, Heidi Brown, Mary Wilde, Rona Agnew
  • Modulation of Bladder Sensation:Lori Birder, Dirk de Ridder, Naoki Aizawa, Naoki Yoshimura
  • Terminology of LUT function and LUTS: ICS Standardisation Report: Marcus Drake ,Hashim Hashim, Jerzy Gajewski
  • Continence Care for Geriatrics: Adrian Wagg, Tomas Griebling, Cara Tannenbaum, Katheleen Hunter, Motofumi Suzuki

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