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Physiotherapy Highlights for ICS 2016

Thursday 17 Mar 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The main ICS Conference in Tokyo has many workshops, forums and debates of interest to physiotherapists. We have selected a small range of sessions to highlight what is available.

###Round Tables
The Scientific Committee have put together a diverse range of topic areas for the round tables and they cover males, POP, bowel dysfunction and continence care from pregnancy to later life. For example an international multi-disciplinary team are offering one entitled “Genitrourinary Syndrome of Menopause” with separate presentations on the effect of the menopause on vulvar inflammation, vaginal atrophy, sex hormones and the LUT, as well as a presentation on the effect of exercises and perineal massage. An interesting debate on “POP - Surgery versus Conservative Management” will identify the latest research and pelvic floor muscle training as well as the surgical techniques for POP surgery and rectocele repair.
All round tables are free and are part of the main scientific programme.

The Education Committee have worked hard to ensure that there is a wide range of workshops available to all. Some workshops are free and others you need to register and pay for. Here is a sneak peek at some we think will be of interest to physiotherapists.

  • “E-health in Pelvic Floor Disorders” chaired by Eva Samuelsson. The aim of the workshop is to give an overview of eHealth solutions with the focus on mobile applications for treatment of pelvic floor disorders. Furthermore, the speakers aim to discuss research methods and implementation of eHealth. The discussion will focus on possibilities and difficulties that may occur during study and implementation period with examples from their own research. The workshop will be interactive and they ask participants to bring their smartphones, iPads or PC tablets to the workshop.

  • “From pelvic floor muscle training to functional training in women with urinary incontinence; bottom line solution for adherence?” chaired by Bary Berghmans is an advanced workshop in which results of new pelvic floor muscle exercises (PFME) or training programmes with a focus on motor control and pre-contraction will be presented. Other topics covered are how to assess the patient, what parameters are important for the PFMT training session in patients with (predominant) stress urinary incontinence or with urgency/frequency syndromes, and training strategies based on the evaluation of findings. Using biofeedback, interpreting the signal as an adjunct to PFME or training new biofeedback strategies, procedures and equipment will be presented, including videos.

  • For physiotherapists working with the elderly we recommend the worshop about “Nocturnal LUTS in an Older Population” chaired by chaired by Karel Everaert and “Decision making for treatment of post prostatectomy incontinence” chaired by Wilhem Huebner. Both workshops are interesting topics concerning the best options for treatment from a urologist and physiotherapist point of view.

  • Those working with pain patients would be interested in “Holistic Approach by Bio-Psycho-Social Model to Patients with Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain Syndrome”, chaired by Wei Chih Chen and “The Overactive Pelvic Floor” which is chaired by Anna Padoa.

  • The final workshop for physiotherapists to consider is “Conservative Management of Adult Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: a Physiotherapy Approach”, chaired by Margaret Sherburn. This committee led, basic workshop will provide an understanding of the physiotherapy assessment of IU and POP and the clinical reasoning to diagnose and plan the conservative management of UI & POP. This workshop will be in English and translated to Japanese.

###15th Physiotherapy Round Table - Wednesday 14th September, 14:00-18:00

The Physiotherapy Round Table is an opportunity for physiotherapists, or anyone interested in physiotherapy, to network, enjoy presentations from emerging and established researchers and clinical leaders but most of all, have fun. The Round Table programme includes a variety of presentations and the opportunity to attend two workshops of your choice. After the Round Table please join us for a drinks reception whilst you chat with friends and network with colleagues from around the world. Pre-registration to this session is required and will cost $50. Spaces are limited so please register early.

ICS 2016 in Tokyo is the place to be if you want to keep your practice and knowledge up to date and provides a great networking opportunity.

###Register now for as low as $200! USD

We have great registration offers for physiotherapists attending, including fantastic discounts if you become an ICS Member. If you are a regional delegate we are offering further discounts and for the first time ever a day rate for Wednesday 14th September.

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