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Tokyo - must know information

Thursday 04 Aug 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS office has complied the below must know information for you ahead of your visit to Tokyo.

1.Cash- Whilst credit cards can be used at big hotels and department stores, not everywhere will take them so make sure you bring cash with you! Not all bank cash machines will allow foreign card withdrawals. If you do need to withdraw cash, 7/11 ATMs generally will accept foreign cards.

2.Getting Around:

(a) Within Tokyo: Hyper efficient, sparkling clean and virtually crime-free, Tokyo's public transport system is the envy of the world. The most popular method being the train and subway system. These are set up for tourists and include easy to navigate signage in English. Make sure to get a Suica or Pasmo card which makes transferring between the two a breeze. The only downside is that the whole system shuts down between midnight and 5am, when the city's fleet of taxis pick up the slack. Taxis are clean and safe in Tokyo and whilst drivers' English is limited most will understand basic instructions. Click here to read an article about how to navigate Toyko’s train system.

(b) The convention centre, Tokyo International Forum is in the heart of the city close to the Imperial Palace. The address for the forum is: Tokyo International Forum 3-5-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda Tokyo 100-0005 Japan. Although we recommend that you travel to your hotel first, you can reach the convention centre via a number of options:

(c) Haneda airport-Tokyo International Forum: Take the monorail from Haneda airport to Hamamatsucho Station (23 minutes) and then transfer to JR Hamamatsucho Station to Yurakucho Station (4 minutes) Yurakucho station is then only 1 minute walk away from the convention centre. Alternatively a taxi from Haneda is not too expensive.

(d) Narita airport-Tokyo International Forum: There are two train lines to Tokyo downtown, JR Narita Express or Keisei Skyliner. JR Narita Express takes 53 minutes to Tokyo station and then the convention centre is a 5 minute walk (connected by B1 concourse with Keiyo Line at Tokyo Station). Keisei Skyliner takes 40 minutes to Nippori station, where you can transfer to Yamanote line to Yurakucho station (10 minutes), just 1 minute from the venue.

There are more details of how to get to the convention centre on our handy tips print out.

3.Eating/drinking on the go- Japanese people do not eat/drink whilst walking around, it is seen as embarrassing. So to avoid a faux pas please try to avoid doing so whilst you are there. For more information on food in Tokyo click here.

4.Water- You will find at most restaurants they will provide you with free water as soon as you sit down, the water is safe to drink. You will notice water fountains/dispensers in parks and public places. These are free and safe to use.

5.Etiquette- There are a lot of etiquette rules that you should be aware of! For information on etiquette whilst in Japan please click here.

6.Quiet please! The Japanese place great emphasis on public spaces being enjoyable for all. So you won’t find people using their phones on trains/buses and generally try to keep noise to a minimum- which is lovely whilst you are travelling. It is therefore advisable to avoid being noisy in these areas to avoid disrespecting locals.

7.Wifi- There are strict regulations on free Wi-Fi in Japan, therefore many establishments don’t offer Wi-Fi for free. But you can hire portable Wi-Fi boxes to take out and about with you-for more information click here to download our must know information.

8.Tips- The Japanese do not tip! If you leave money in a restaurant then you are likely to be chased by your server, who thinks you have left the money by mistake! So please no tipping, anywhere!

9.Queues- You will find orderly queues wherever you go. People will happily join the end of a queue- no worries about people queue jumping! So just join the end and wait your turn.

10 Rubbish- Tokyo is very clean but surprisingly you won’t find any rubbish bins around. Locals generally take their rubbish home with them and dispose of it there. Some key tourist places will provide bins- keep your eye out. Alternatively if you don’t want to drag your rubbish around with you then convenience stores normally have a bin within them, so just pop inside and see if one is available.

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