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New terminology report: Chronic Pelvic Pain syndromes available for early view

Monday 05 Sep 2016 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The ICS Standardisation Steering Committee is pleased to announce that A standard for terminology in chronic pelvic pain syndromes: A report from the chronic pelvic pain working group of the International Continence Society is now available for early view in the Neurourology & Urodynamics Journal.

The document presents preferred terms and definitions for symptoms, signs, and evaluation (diagnostic work-up) of female and male patients with chronic pelvic pain syndromes (CPPS), serving as a platform for ongoing development in this field. This ICS Standard should be seen as complementary to other CPPS standards and guidelines.

A unique aspect of this new ICS Standard is that it looks at the patient as a whole person. This is particularly important bearing in mind that while patients may have more than one chronic pelvic pain syndrome concurrently, these syndromes may also be associated with one or multiple other comorbidities. The multidisciplinary international working group, which included a patient advocate, felt that it was important for health professionals to have a document which not only covers the syndromes themselves but also gives an overview of known associated disorders with their signs and symptoms, thereby improving recognition of these.
The working group hopes that this new holistic approach will facilitate future research and therapy development, improve cost effectiveness, and ensure access by the patient to appropriate treatment, reimbursement, and social benefits.

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A standard for terminology in chronic pelvic pain syndromes, Neurourology & Urodynamics Journal

A standard for terminology in chronic pelvic pain syndrome PDF

ICS Standardisation Steering Committee

Chronic Pelvic Pain Working Group

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