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Why should physiotherapists submit an abstract to ICS 2017?

Wednesday 15 Mar 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The upcoming ICS meeting in Florence will undeniably be an unequalled scientific meeting. The ICS is a multidisciplinary association pertaining to the highest scientific standards and bringing a spectrum of the very best incontinence and pelvic floor disorder research from basic science to large clinical trials.

Here are 6 reasons why, as a physiotherapist, you should submit your abstract before the 3rd April 2017.

  1. Network with international leaders in the field of pelvic floor disorders. You will have the opportunity to discuss your findings with research and practice experts from around the globe. Hundreds of pelvic floor disorder experts from over 60 countries will be attending the ICS meeting.

  2. Ensure the dissemination of your results. In addition to being presented at the meeting, your abstract will be published online on the ICS website. Highly ranked studies are also published in Neurourology and Urodynamics, which is distributed to more than 2500 members.

  3. Benefit from an extended virtual reach: The ICS has thousands of hits through their website, e-mails, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter activity.

  4. Share and discuss your work with your physiotherapist peers. A special round table has been organised every year for more than 15 years to bring physiotherapists together in order to share both clinical and research interests and expertise.

  5. Interact with and learn from other specialists such as urologists, gynecologists, nurses, midwives, basic researchers, etc. The important role of physiotherapy is acknowledged and valued within the ICS. Discuss your research and clinical interests in a spirit of collaboration and conviviality.

  6. Presenting at an international meeting of the stature of the ICS will not only contribute to increasing your presentation skills and competence but is a significant addition to your resume in a perspective of career advancement.

Want to learn more about the ICS Annual Meeting? Watch the latest ICS video by Kari Bø's at ICS 2016 in Tokyo. Kari shares some of her experiences in ICS and how they have helped shape her career so far.

Click Here to watch Kari Bø's video

We hope that you will submit your abstract before 3rd April 2017 and thereby contribute to worldwide continence research advancement. We look forward to welcoming you to the next ICS meeting in Florence, 12th-15th September 2017.

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