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ICS members receive the 2017 John J. Humpal Award

Thursday 03 Aug 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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ICS members Professor Alan Cottenden and Professor Christine Norton received the John J. Humpal award at the recent Simon Foundation for Continence’s sixth biennial Innovating for Continence: The Engineering Challenge conference, hosted April 19-21 at the Millennium Knickerbocker Hotel, in Chicago’s city center.

Presenting the 2017 John J. Humpal award to Professor Alan Cottenden, PhD was Christopher Payne, MD, Emeritus Professor of Urology at Stanford University. As he presented the award, Dr. Payne stated, "We are so fortunate that many years ago, a young engineer made a potentially suicidal career decision to focus his attention on the incontinence world. What a difference he has made! His own research has had great impact but his value to the field has been multiplied many times over through his tireless efforts at education throughout the professional spectrum. Doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and scientists have trained with Alan. Most importantly, Alan has consistently shown the ability to connect those from differing fields to produce new insights and new incontinence products that help patients."

Christopher Payne, MD, Emeritus Professor of Urology at Stanford University presented the John J. Humpal award to Christine Norton, PhD, MA, RN. Dr. Payne asked the conference attendees, "What makes a young, talented nurse scientist choose the field of fecal incontinence? While I don’t have the exact answer to that question, we are certainly lucky that she did. I first met Christine at the WHO International Consultation on Incontinence in 2005 and was struck by the clarity and insightfulness of her committee's findings. Christine achieved the classic goal for medical faculty with major contributions in teaching, education, and clinical care. In fact, there is practically nothing in the entire field to which she has not contributed. For this she was awarded an endowed professorship. I'm a bit jealous, but very proud to be her colleague, and to present her this well-deserved award."

Congratulations to Alan and Christine!

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