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Ms Jacqueline Cahill
The Canadian Continence Foundation

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Jacqueline Cahill

Committee Member

Profession:Patient Advocate
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Jacqueline Cahill Executive Director – The Canadian Continence Foundation.

Jacqueline graduated from McGill University and has for most of her career worked in the non-profit sector.

She has held the position as Executive Director of The Canadian Continence Foundation (TCCF) since 2005. During this period the Foundation has not only increased in national recognition as “The Patient Voice” for those living with incontinence it has also put this taboo condition on “the map” as a chronic condition which can be treated and often cured.

To this end, Jacqueline has been successful in harnessing government’s attention through Access to Treatment and Reimbursement advocacy initiatives, as well as forming a National Incontinence Coalition, comprising of Canadian Patient Organizations representing those living with incontinence.

Jacqueline has fostered close alliances and partnerships both nationally and internationally with many stakeholders who share an interest in improving incontinence care, management and treatment. Her primary areas of expertise are: Patient Advocacy, Patient and Public Education and Awareness, Public Relations and Fundraising.

Jacqueline is an Active member of the following professional and patient organizations:

World Federation of Incontinent Patients,(WFIP): Vice-President

International Continence Society,(ICS): Fistula Committee, Continence Promotion Committee and Publications Committee.

International Urogynaecological Association(IUGA): Public Relations Committee

Canadian Incontinence Coalition(CIC): Founding member

International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations: Member

My goals and initiatives as Publications and Communications Committee Chair, should I be elected are as follows:

I have served the Publication and Communication Committee (PCC) as a committee member for the past two years. During this time, I have actively participated in making decisions that directly affect the public, press and membership’s image of the ICS. The role of the PCC amongst other obligations is to oversee the content and publication of the ICS newsletter, the press meeting at our annual meeting and the oversight of the ICS website. My goal is to continue to build upon the excellent promotional work already achieved and develop additional means of disseminating information to health care providers and patients by which the ICS membership as a whole can feel connected and part of a growing and dynamic organization.

I have participated in and have an in-depth understanding of the mission and functioning of the PCC, this in addition to the skills and talents I have acquired leading a national patient organization, place me in a strong position to Chair the committee and share my expertise in producing promotional, educational, knowledge translation and communication materials.

In addition to maintaining the multi-disciplinary healthcare professional contribution to the committee structure, my business expertise would be an important addition to committee activities, as I have undertaken many successful communication, marketing and messaging campaigns, using my in-depth understanding of what is needed to be communicated to different audiences.

I have been Executive Director of The Canadian Continence Foundation since 2005. During which time, we have produced many patient and healthcare professional educational materials e.g. our world renowned incontinence guidebook, “ The Source”.

My areas of knowledge in producing successful communication and knowledge translation materials covers several target audiences: patients, healthcare professionals, government and the press.

My primary areas of expertise are: Patient Advocacy, Patient and Public Education and Awareness, Public Relations and Communications.

Ms Jacqueline Cahill declared on the Tuesday 17th January 2017 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).