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Kathleen Hunter's topic picks for ICS 2018

Monday 11 Jun 2018 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Hear from ICS Scientific Committee Member, Kathleen Hunter, on her topic picks for ICS 2018.

ICS has a range of scientific sessions and workshops that will be of interest to nurses, our top picks are:

Clinical directions in continence care A day session dedicated to topics about the latest evidence on managing incontinence and urinary tract infections. Lectures will provide the latest evidence on a variety of topics and allow clinicians, especially nurses, to catch up on some clinical skills.
Nurses Forum Listen to lectures of recent research and experiences of nursing around the world.
Workshop 15: The ageing bladder reconsidered: urinary homeostasis from basket to casket
Roundtable 6: The life of the ageing bladder
Roundtable 4: Nocturia and its consequences
Workshop 11: Cultivating the next generation of nurse leaders to create a global vision and strategic plan for geriatric UI/LUTS
Workshop 26: ICS core curriculum (free): continence care nursing

We also have a range of networking events for delegates, plus a dedicated nurses networking lunch after the Nurses forum and free workshop.

Don't forget nurses are entitled to the concessionary registration, members receive an even bigger discount!

Online registration closes 21st August Register now and save!

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