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It's not too late to book your ICS 2018 Workshops!

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Have you booked your ICS 2018 workshops? No? Well it's not too late to add workshops to your booking, simply contact Keren Abuhasira at Kenes to add to your booking

Need some inspiration?

Here are our suggestions:

Workshop 9: Radiotherapy of cervical and endometrial cancer – prevention and management of lower urinary tract, vaginal, vulvar and pelvic floor dysfunction in cancer survivors: Outlining the epidemiology of cervical and endometrial cancer throughout the world. Treatment options will be discussed with an emphasis on pelvic radiotherapy and the latest trends to minimise treatment related side effects.

Workshop 11: Cultivating the next generation of nurse leaders to create a global vision and strategic plan for geriatric UI/LUT: This workshop will provide a leadership training environment to jump-start the process needed to develop a global network of nurse leaders in the area of geriatric UI/LUTS.

Workshop 14: Practical interpretation of research evidence for shared decision making: This workshop aims to provide ICS members with important principles of evidence based medicine (EBM) to enhance a better interpretation of evidence and enable shared decision-making.

Workshop 16: Confirmation surgery in gender dysphoria: current state and future developments: The workshop specifies preoperative and postoperative care, indications for surgery, the actual surgical techniques, their outcomes including quality of life measurements, limitations and complications according to the surgical experiences of gender confirmation surgery and in the available literature.

Workshop 22: Genitourinary cancer survivorship: a practical master-class: The aim of this workshop is to discuss the impact of a Genitourinary Cancer Survivorship Programme and to discuss conditions and problems unique to the cancer survivor and decision making and managing complex urologic and quality of life issues in this patient population.

Workshop 23: Transitioning care; the evolving care of women with congenital genitourinary anomalies: This workshop will focus on the common congenital genitourinary (GU) anomalies and their effects in women during different stages of life (adolescence, reproductive years, perimenopause/menopausal years).

Workshop 31: The need for raising health and incontinence literacy: In this workshop we will illuminate on the problems that patients and their caregivers experience in dealing with health illiteracy.

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