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Professor Donna Bliss, Chair of the ICS Nursing Committee and Professor Kathleen Hunter, Nurse member of the ICS Scientific Committee recently presented at three nursing conferences in the cities of Ningbo, Wuhu, and Hefei.

In Ningbo, Professor He and Mr. Larry Tsang, who are liaisons to the ICS Nursing Committee and Professors Bliss and Hunter initiated the first joint conference of ICS and the Chinese Urological Association of Nurses (CUAN). Professors Bliss and Hunter presented six topics each including the history of ICS and the ICS Nursing Committee, fecal incontinence assessment and conservative management, anatomy and physiology of the GI tract in relation to fecal incontinence role of the advanced practice nurse, and evidenced based nursing practice and an update on conservative management of urinary incontinence, and ICS standardised terminology.

The instruction offered by the ICS-CUAN group included a half-day hand-on workshop and the topic discussed by Profs Bliss and Hunter was external containment and absorbent products for incontinence and indwelling urinary catheters. The conferences were considered very successful; the nurse participants were enthusiastic and engaged and as an estimated 300 nurses in total across the 3 cities participated. Additionally, Profs Bliss and Hunter visited urology patient units in major hospitals in all three cities and met with nurses working there. In Hefei, they had opportunity to visit a research lab for urology medical students. Profs Bliss and Hunter appreciated the warm and welcoming hospitality of nurse colleagues and time they took to share lunch and dinner with them during which they could get to know each other better and continue to exchange information about professional practice in both countries.

Article By Donna Bliss on Behalf of the ICS Nursing Committee

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