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More funding for our awards during 2019!

Thursday 14 Mar 2019 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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ICS are pleased to announce that we have additional funding available for awards this year! This means that we can extend the offer to our members providing the opportunity to apply for one of the 12 fellowships available.

ICS fellowship awards are designed to provide a range of opportunities for continence specialists (of any profession) to gain specialist bladder/bowel skills in research, clinical practice or education at expert centres. With a maximum of £5,000GBP towards travel and accommodation expenses, we highly recommend that members from less economically developed countries, allied and non-medical health professionals and members in training apply.

New for 2019

We are happy to include 3 Paediatric Urology Fellowships. However, we will still be offering Neurourology, Research, Urodynamics and Clinical fellowships as in previous years.

Additional information regarding these opportunities is available on the below link. Also included are previous fellowship winner's experiences.

Interested? Find out more and apply today!

Conference Travel Awards
We will also be offering travel grants for members who have had their abstracts accepted for ICS2019. You could receive up to £1,000 towards your expenses, as well as free registration and a workshop of your choice. Applications will be accepted towards the end of April once the successful abstracts are confirmed for ICS2019 in Gothenburg. The state of the art lectures and roundtable programme are already confirmed, you can view these here Click on the link below to find out more on how to apply.

Conference Travel Award

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