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Highlights & Networking

The top sessions to look forward to

Now is the time to start planning your schedule so that you make the most out of your 4 days at ICS. There are easy ways to search the programme and review the abstracts, ePosters and workshop handouts ahead of the meeting. The 2019 meeting app will be available soon and this will allow you to highlight and schedule sessions that you want to attend so that you don't miss a thing.

  • Key speakers - Who can you not miss speaking
  • Book your workshops
  • Note the time and place of your abstract presentation
  • Note the time and place of your friends abstracts!
  • Check out the great networking functions

The ICS interactive programme allows you to search the sessions which are right for you so that you can get the most out of your week at ICS. You can search for speakers, key words and also sort by your interest.

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Bowel Dysfunction
Basic Science
Conservative Management


ICS 2019 State of the art lectures

Risk prognostication in prolapse and incontinence following childbirth

Wednesday 4 September

Statistical modelling and machine learning have already transformed online retail, web searching, advertising, finance, politics and more. The prediction modelling vortex continues to attract healthcare into the mix and will likely impact many aspects of day to day patient care. This talk is for those interested in gaining a broader understanding of how modern statistical and machine learning methods are used for understanding patterns in data and in making clinical predictions.

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Is physical activity good or bad for the pelvic floor?

Thursday 5 September

Discussing the evidence for the two opposing hypotheses on the effect of physical activity and strenuous exercise on the pelvic floor. The first is that general exercise training strengthens the pelvic floor muscles (PFM) and decreases the levator hiatus. The other hypothesis is that general exercise training overloads, stretches and weakens the pelvic floor.

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The Urinary Microbiome

Thursday 5 September

The recent discovery of the urobiome has stimulated research into a wide variety of urinary tract conditions, including urinary incontinence, overactive bladder and urinary tract infections. Although characteristics of this microbial niche are not yet fully understood, it is clear that the urobiome has bioregulatory functions. This presentation will review our current understanding of the urobiome and highlight key research initiatives.

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Prostatic controversies

Friday 6 September

The lecture will address when how and how prostate surgery is needed in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic enlargement and obstruction. Evidence and recommendations of national and international guidelines will be presented filtered through 30 years of experience in the field of functional urology. Not just a lecture but food for thoughts for those involved in the management of benign prostatic enlargement.

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ICS 2019 Round table discussions

Integrated Educational Programme

There is a fantastic programme of workshops covering all disciplines on offer at ICS 2019. The workshop programme has been curated by the ICS Education Committee to ensure the best educational opportunities are available to ICS delegates, with presentations by the experts in the field. The core curriculum, ICS approved content workshops remain free to all delegates whilst there is a fantastic range of workshops that you can pre-register for.

Workshop Programme


An opportunity for physiotherapists, or anyone interested in physiotherapy, to network, enjoy presentations from emerging and established researchers and clinical leaders and most of all, have fun.

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The ICS invites you to an afternoon of nursing focused talks and discussions. Listen to lectures of recent research and experiences of nursing around the world.

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We offer sessions specifically targeted at our early career professionals to supply you with tools to help you move on with your career and presentations skills. Plus we have a great night out afterwards!

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The ICS defines an "Early Career Professional" as someone who have graduated or completed their education in their speciality field within the last 5 years.


At ICS 2019 you will have the unique experience of interacting with physicians and non physicians making the clinical outcomes for patients stronger. The ICS provides key networking opportunities for you to meet old friends and make new ones and discuss how your research is going.

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The ICS is a great place to stimulate ideas about research or clinical practice in the context of current thinking and come up with new ideas

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