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New ICS express learning videos - Practical Interpretation of Research Evidence

Friday 09 Aug 2019 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Watch the latest ICS express learning videos by Kari Tikkinen, Marco Blanker and Rufus Cartwright, covering the below topics. This series of videos will provide members with user guides on practical interpretation of Research Evidence for Shared Decision Making.

  • Kari Tikkinen - Absolute vs relative risk & statistical significance vs patient importance
  • Marco Blanker - The interpretation of odds ratios for common conditions
  • Kari Tikkinen - What is quality of evidence Brief overview of the GRADE methodology
  • Rufus Cartwright - Different types of review: Narrative vs. Systematic
  • Marco Blanker - What is risk factor?

Click on the link to watch the playlist today.

This topic was discussed at ICS 2019 in Gothenburg, Workshop 34 'ICS Core Curriculum: Users' Guides to Practical Interpretation of Research Evidence for Shared Decision Making.'

The aims of this workshop are as follows:

In the 21st century a clinician must be capable at facilitating shared decision making with patients. The evidence for competing interventions in the field of LUTS and POP is increasingly complex. Furthermore, clinicians must master the skill of presenting this evidence for patients. A sound interpretation of estimates of harms and benefits is therefore vital. This workshop provides important principles of evidence based medicine (EBM) to ICS members, and enhances their interpretation of evidence and skills for shared decision-making. Workshop attendees are kindly asked to watch these videos in advance.

Click Here to view Workshop 34

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