ICS Core Curriculum: Users' Guides to Practical Interpretation of Research Evidence for Shared Decision Making

Workshop 34

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Workshop Schedule


Marco H Blanker


Kari A O Tikkinen


Marco H Blanker


Philippe Denis Violette


Kari A O Tikkinen
Rufus Cartwright


Marco H Blanker
Kari A O Tikkinen
Philippe Denis Violette
Rufus Cartwright

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Research Methods / Techniques
Pure and Applied Science / Translational
epidemiology guideline development clinical relevance
Urology, Urogynaecology, Bowel Dysfunction, Conservative Management

In the 21st century a clinician must be capable at facilitating shared decision making with patients. The evidence for competing
interventions in the field of LUTS and POP is increasingly complex. Furthermore, clinicians must master the skill of
presenting this evidence for patients. A sound interpretation of estimates of harms and benefits is therefore vital. This workshop
provides important principles of evidence based medicine (EBM) to ICS members, and enhances their interpretation of
evidence and skills for shared decision-making.This workshop is supported by 5 videos which can be watched in advance here https://www.ics.org/news/979