World Continence Week Poland


This year the "World Continence Week" (WCW) was held up in Poland for the 5th time. As part of this year's WCW the "UroConti" Assoc. in collaboration with the NTM Forum had prepared a series of activities dedicated to people with UI.

Participants in the biggest Polish Cities had the opportunity to take part in:

  • medical consultations with specialists: Patients could meet with gynecologist or urologist and get advice about their disease
  • lectures about urinary incontinence: conducted by the top medical professionals in Poland
  • pelvic floor trainings for the Kegel muscles.

Numbers of attendance

  • Lodz: lectures 63; trainings 16
  • Lublin: trainings 39; urological consultations 12; gynecological consultations 10
  • Poznan: gynecological consultations 25
  • Gdansk: trainings 100
  • Warsaw: urological consultations 10; gynecological consultations 7; biofeedback consultations 18
  • Bydgoszcz: lectures 40
  • Wroclaw: lectures 20

Total: lectures 168; consultations 64; trainings 173

All events organized at the World Continence Week were attended by over 400 people.

Event flyers Distributed to 7 Polish Cities

WCW in Polish Media

  • 13 Medical information portals published info
    rmation about the WCW
  • Several spot radio news in the Program Pierwszy Polskiego Radia - number of listeners: 3 million
  • Express Ilustrowany (Daily newspaper) - number of readers: over 35 500
  • TV TOYA „Co jest grane w Łodzi„ (Internet TV) – presentation of the UI problem, full schedule of the event, invitation to participat – number of viewers: 600 000
  • Życie na Gorąco (Magazine) - number of readers: 600 000
  • Polska Dziennik Łódzki, supplement „Na Zdrowie Magazyn Rodzinny” (Daily newspaper) - number of readers: over 27 500

Updated report on “Socio-economic costs of UI in Poland”

Topic of report: The support of a patient in the Polish health care system

Detailed information: UI definition; Epidemiology; Types of UI; Treatment; Medical and absorbing devices; Patient profile; Quality of life for people with UI; Direct and indirect costs of UI in Poland; Costs living with UI; Reimbursement;
Second edition of the report of this kind in Poland and in this part of Europe!

Updated report on “Socio-economic costs of UI in Poland”
7 Cities : Lodz, Lublin, Poznan, Warszawa, Gdansk, Bydgoszcz, Wroclaw
Information was spread among 4-5 million people!
4 Lectures about urinary incontinence
6 Free medical consultations
3 Pelvic floor trainings
Over 400 participants

Additional information;

WCW Poland 2013 presentation

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