Urodynamic, Neurourology & Female Urology (UNUFU)


The Urodynamic, Neurourology & Female Urology (UNUFU), Section of the Hellenic Urological Association participating this year in the World Continence Week (WCW), which will be conducted under the auspices of the International Continence Society (ICS), aiming in the awareness of all elderly citizens, is organizing the Continence Week in Ioannina, from June 23 till June 29, 2014, aiming in the awareness of the public, the protection and treatment. The events are supported by Academic Institutions, public hospitalization and public care institutions, as well as by several scientific associations from Greece. These events include seminars for the awareness of the public, scientific conferences for research and presentation of new methods and for the presentation of new techniques for medical treatments, as well as communication for the awareness of the society and particularly the elderly.

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19/09/2023 23:41:00
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