Major pelvic surgery and pelvic radiation: Urological and Colorectal outcomes, effects on lower urinary tract, bowel function and sexual function

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06/09/2023 10:19:35

Workshop Schedule

Alexis M P Schizas
Roger Roman Dmochowski
Alexis M P Schizas
Arun Sahai
Majed Shabbir

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Anorectal / Bowel Dysfunction
Lower urinary tract symptoms pelvic cancer radiotherapy
Urology, Urogynaecology and Female & Functional Urology, Bowel Dysfunction

Major pelvic surgery such as low anterior resection, abdomino-perineal resection, radical hysterectomy, total pelvic exenteration and pelvic radiation are associated with lower urinary tract, bowel and sexual dysfunction with resultant poor quality of life. This workshop will review the mechanisms and anatomy that leads to the problem and the current published literature in this subject area will be reviewed. Optimum work up and management will be discussed. Finally recommendations will be made based on evidence and best clinical practice with regards to lower urinary tract, bowel and sexual function in this setting.