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This workshop aims to record ICS Urodynamic Committee teaching modules (before a live audience). It is foreseen that the modules, respectively: 'Cystometry', 'Pad-testing', 'Pressure flow analysis (basics)' and 'video-urodynamics (basics)' will be presented. This committee activity is open for free to everyone interested in basic teaching of urodynamic testing.

The educational modules will be the basis for ICS education of urodynamic techniques. We now record the first, of hopefully a large series. Every educational (teaching) module will consist of a 'slides set', a 2 page manuscript -submitted to and published- in Neurourology and Urodynamics and a presentation of the slide-set made available on the ICS website.

This opens the way to modern, cost saving continuous teaching of ICS 'Good Practice'.

Please note that the precise topics of the educational modules might be subject to change, depending on the state of the modules.

The first four teaching modules will be presented during this session. Every teaching module is developed by a balanced working group of experts and is (was) coached by the ICS Urodynamic Committee. A teaching module has a presentation length of maximum 30 slides and maximum 30 minutes of presentation. The modules will be presented by the working group chairman.

Please note that this session is free to attend but pre-registration is required. Please contact Ms. Daniela Bloch at dbloch@kenes.com in order to register. For further questions please contact the ICS Office.

14:00CystometryCarlos 'd Ancona, Brazil 
14:30Pad testingJan Krhut, Czech Republic 
15:00Video urodynamics (basic)Mário João Gomes, Portugal 
16:00Pressure flow analysis (basic)Peter Rosier, Netherlands 

Committee Chair: Peter Rosier, The Netherlands. Urodynamics Committee: Jose Batista; Carlos D'Ancona; Tamara Dickinson; Jerzy Gajewski; Enrico Finazzi Agrò; Mário João Gomes; Margaret McDougald; Ed Stanford; Alan Wein and Roman Zachoval are members of the committee.