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Dr Jose E Batista
CM Teknon and URD centers, Barcelona, Spain

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Jose Batista


Qualifications:PhD Chairman of Department/Section
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GOALS AND INITIATIVES Since his early years as resident, Dr. Batista devoted much effort in bringing ICS standards and terminology to Spanish urologists. He has been very active in training other urolgists and gynecologists. In 2004 he started a series of training activities that have been going on yearly, attracting multidisciplinary audiences from all over Spain. In 2009, with other collegues, he founded "continentia" association, to promote training, public awareness and research. (www.continentia.org) Additional continuing education is provided by continentia┬┤s blog for professionals: http://urody.blogspot.com.es and in a twitter account: https://twitter.com/urdcontinentia In 2013 continentia held several workshops for the general public ( 3 in incontinence and one on enuresis for parents and children). In 2014 a meeting was held to celebrate Teknon┬┤s Urodynamics 18th aniversary.

Dr Jose E Batista declared on the Wednesday 19th March 2014 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).