ICS Core Curriculum (Free): Update on the evidence for conservative management of female pelvic floor dysfunction

Workshop 28

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Workshop Schedule


Doreen McClurg


Margaret Joy Sherburn


Chantale L Dumoulin


Melanie Morin


Doreen McClurg


Doreen McClurg
Chantale L Dumoulin
Margaret Joy Sherburn
Melanie Morin



Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Conservative Management
Female urinary incontinence pelvic pain evidence
This is the annual free basic physiotherapy workshop. Due to the anticipated audience having greater knowledge than those in some venues the course has been re-vamped and aims at updating levels of evidence with interactive case study scenarios.

The evidence for conservative management of female UI and pelvic pain was synthesised and updated in the 6th International Consultation on Incontinence book published in 2017 (Abrams et al). It is important that clinicians are made aware of such updates (and any new robust evidence published since) and what they mean to clinical practice but this is often difficult especially for those early career professionals. This workshop aims to highlight significant changes identified and then discuss these using a series of interactive case studies with an opportunity for attendees to bring their own case scenarios to be discussed in the final session.

Learning Objectives

  • To update clinicians on the evidence for conservative interventions for female UI and pelvic pain. To highlight changes such evidence may mean for clinical practice. To stimulate discussions on how these can be implemented in practice.