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Dr Margaret Joy Sherburn
University of Melbourne

ICS 2019

Open Discussion Session 18 E-Poster 2 352 Transpubic Voiding Sonography

ICS 2018

Podium Short Oral Session 19 Potpourri 308 Exploring graduate physiotherapy students' experiences of intimate peer physical examinations

Non Discussion Abstract Session 36 Non Discussion Abstracts 694 Transpubic Voiding Sonography

ICS 2014

Podium Poster Session 49 Imaging, Pregnancy, Delivery and Pelvic Floor 725 Management of post-partum urinary retention in Australian hospitals

ICS 2013

Podium Poster Session 4 SUI, Treatment, QoL and Perspectives 19 A vaginal tampon in situ reduces female stress incontinence leakage, patient-reported symptoms and bladder neck mobility during physical activities

ICS 2009

Podium Poster Session 11 Gerontology & BPH 114 Evaluation of outcome measures for stress urinary incontinence in older women

ICS 2008

Podium Poster Session 11 Ageing 91 Investigation of 2D real-time ultrasound as a measurement tool in a randomised controlled trial of pelvic floor muscle training in older women

ICS 2007

Podium Session 7 Continence Services and Physiotherapy:Room: Grote Zaal - Chairs: Grace Dorey & Marijke Slieker 49 Pelvic floor muscle training or bladder training to treat stress urinary incontinence in elderly women: a single blind randomised controlled trial

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Margaret Sherburn

ICS Member (Expired)

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Margaret Sherburn B.App.Sc (Physio), M.Womens.Hlth, PhD, FACP

Margaret is an academic in Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne. In this role she has research, teaching, clinical and managerial responsibilities. Her main areas of research are the conservative management of pelvic floor dysfunction in women with prolapse or incontinence, and the role of exercise for pre and postnatal women. She has been the recipient of two NH&MRC grants for large multicentre studies, one of which was for her PhD research. She is a former member of the Physiotherapy Committee of the International Continence Society, and is a past Editor of the Australian and New Zealand Continence Journal.

Dr Margaret Joy Sherburn declared on the Wednesday 1st May 2019 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).