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Spotlight on terminology focusses on the benefits on the newly released ICS Glossary. It then presents the key features of four important terminology reports in the advanced stage of development.The definitions from these reports, once published will be added to the Glossary. Update yourself on the advances in ICS Terminology.

13.3013.35ICS GlossaryBernard Haylen
13.3513.40Pelvic Floor Muscle Function & Dysfunction (SSCWG16)Helena Frawley
13.4013.45Surgical Management of Male LUT dysfunction (SSCWG17)Rizwan Hamid and Luis Abranches-Monteiro
13.4513.50ICS- IUGA Joint Report on the Terminology for Female Obstetric Trauma in collaboration with AUGS (SSCWG20)Stergios Doumouchtsis
13.5013.55ICS-IUGA Female Obstetric Trauma in collaboration with AUGS (SSCWG18)Suzy Elneil