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It is Never "Just Constipation"

Why is the ICS important for international advances and training within the field of anorectal dysfunction?

In the last 6 months, what has been one important new finding all Gastroenterologists/Bowel Specialists/Nurses need to learn about?

Constipation is frequently diagnosed but often its cause and optional management is not well understood by many health professionals or patients. Laxatives are some of the most commonly purchased over-the-counter drugs and yet people continue to experience constipation despite regular medication. This round table hopes to lift the lid on constipation and delve a bit deeper to shine the light on why some people continue to experience constipation despite the usual treatment regimes. Anorectal function testing is an area of controversy. The international anorectal physiology working group (IAPWG) has made recommendations on standardised testing protocols and classifications anorectal function disorders. Both Professor Emmanuel and Professor Dinning were part of this group. These recommendations are important to international advances and training in the field of anorectal dysfunction and important of health professional new learnings.

20:30 20:33 Introduction Anton Emmanuel
20:33 20:45 Gut physiology = impacts on rectal emptying and bowel motility Philip Dinning
20:45 20:57 Clinical assessment and role of laxatives Anton Emmanuel
20:57 21:09 Enhancing rectal emptying to also improve bowel motility Alyson Bryant
21:09 21:21 Practical tips for solving problems with constipation including nutrition rhythm, fibres and fluid, stool modulation and lifestyle Veronika Geng
21:21 21:30 Discussion All
12/05/2022 23:22:07