Workshop Schedule

Tamara Dickinson
Lori S. Saiki
Bodil Rasmussen
E Jean C Hay-Smith
Donna Zimmaro Bliss
Katie Thompson

Aims & Objectives

90 minutes
Health Services Delivery
Self management chronic disease goal setting
Urology, Urogynaecology and Female & Functional Urology, Bowel Dysfunction, Conservative Management

This workshop aims:

• To enhance knowledge about methods of consumer engagement in self-care practices and identify areas for future research

The workshop objectives are:
• To demonstrate how community-based self-management programs can be adapted to support indigenous and marginalised communities with continence care
• To describe and evidence-based theoretical framework about self-management that can support people living with a chronic condition such as incontinence.
• To show how caring conversations with people with incontinence can reframe continence care possibilities
• To review the current literature relating to faecal incontinence and identify future research gaps