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SOA speaker 2021, Jean Hay-Smith: The BEST pelvic floor muscle training

Tuesday 22 Jun 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Jean Hay-Smith will be providing a State of the Art Lecture at ICS 2021 Online on The BEST pelvic floor muscle training: Behaviour, Exercise, Syntheses, and Theories?

Why is this topic important?

Simply, it is important because we are an audience that have power, opportunity, capability and motivation to help women lead flourishing lives through offering them opportunity and capability for pelvic floor muscle training, supporting their motivation to self-manage and experience control in their lives. In developed countries, in the current climate of fear about vaginal mesh (even though incontinence surgeries have low complication rates), more women than ever would prefer to avoid or delay surgery if they can. In developing countries, few women are offered the opportunity or capability for training. While the recommendation for pelvic floor muscle training as first line therapy for women with uncomplicated urinary incontinence has been consistent for some years now, the research informing what to do and how to do it well is progressing. Recent robust research has, for example, demonstrated that effective pelvic floor muscle training can be delivered in settings and using methods that can reach more women. More innovations of this sort are needed and this lecture is an opportunity to consider what we know, what we don’t know, and what it is most important to do next.

Local Organising Committee Member, Helena Frawley highlights why members and delegates need to attend this State of the Art Lecture.

"This is a really important topic for ICS members to tune in to, something that is so relevant to many of our practices, and I am personally looking forward very much to Professor Jean Hay-Smith’s presentation, to hear about the BEST pelvic floor muscle training. Jean is a world expert on pelvic floor muscle training and knows the ins and outs of how and when to do it and the evidence supporting it. While most ICS members would be aware that pelvic floor muscle training is recommended as the first-line intervention for incontinence, many may not know that we still have a significant evidence-practice gap in this field, as pelvic floor muscle training is not universally implemented. Jean’s talk will challenge us to think about ways to better support patients to do the BEST pelvic floor muscle training and how patients can be successful in their efforts."

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Hear from Jean herself on why you need to attend this lecture!

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