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Florence highlights from the ICS Physiotherapy Committee

Thursday 12 Oct 2017 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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The Physiotherapy Committee represents and supports ICS physiotherapy members worldwide. The committee contributes to various ICS committees, to encourage and maintain the multidisciplinary strength of the ICS. This year our hard work has come to fruition with an increase in PT participation within the ICS 2017 programme.

ICS 2017 Workshops

Physiotherapists were represented in 12 workshops this year and of these 6 chaired the session. These workshops were:

You can also download the handouts and PowerPoint presentations via the links above.

We also held 2 Pelvic Floor Classes, one on Wednesday and one on Friday where delegates took part in a Pelvic Floor Muscle group therapy session aimed at treating urinary incontinence in women. The chairs for these classes were: Kari Bo and Siv Morkved; Chantale Dumoulin, Margaret Sherburn and Joanie Mercier

We had a full house at this year’s Physiotherapy round table, with more than 150 physiotherapists present!

Physiotherapists were also honoured with awards: Congratulations to Joceara Reis who won the the "Best in Category Prize: Paediatrics.

In other news

Last year’s lifetime achievement award winner, Kari Bo, attended the early career session as the physiotherapy expert. This session is free and open to all disciplines, members and non-members. It provides early career delegates with practical tips on abstract submission and presentation technique.

The ICS institute was inaugurated and the School of Physiotherapy has as Co-directors Cristiane Carboni and Rhonda Kotarinos. More information regarding this project will be available in due course.

On behalf of the Physiotherapy committee we would like to thank all of the physiotherapists who attended Florence and look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia next year.

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