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New Video - Lori Birder's topic picks for ICS 2018

Monday 11 Jun 2018 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Hear from ICS Scientific co-Chair, Lori Birder, on her topic picks for ICS 2018.

ICS has a range of scientific sessions and workshops that will be of interest to basic scientists, our top picks are:

State of the Art 3: The future of electroceuticals – implantable devices in the lower urinary tract
State of the Art 2: Lower urinary tract sensation – voiding with feeling
Workshop 13: Underactive bladder—clinical implications, mechanistic concepts and therapeutic options
Workshop 15: The ageing bladder reconsidered : urinary homeostasis from basket to casket
Roundtable 6: The life of the ageing bladder

Plus much, much more! See the ICS 2018 programme for the latest updates:

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We also have a range of networking events for delegates.

Registration closes 21st August Register now and save!

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