Advance Practice Models of Care Involving Allied Health Professionals

Specialized urology/gynecology/PFM clinics are becoming increasingly popular (incontinence clinics, POP and pessary clinics, mesh complication clinics, 3rd and 4th degree tear clinics, vulvar pain clinics....). Due to these new opportunities, the role of the allied health professional is now changing to require triage, assessment processes and differential diagnosis. A few research teams have developed, implemented and in some cases, evaluated these new models of care.
The objective of this roundtable is to present different experiences with multidisciplinary advanced practice care models.

Introduction Chantale Dumoulin
High graded perineal tears - a challenge in the daily practise Monika Siller
The NHS pelvic health clinics for postpartum women: an advance practice pilot project Paula Igualada-Martinez
Advanced Practice Model of Care: the mesh complication multidisciplinary clinic Marie-Eve Clermont
Advanced Practice Model of Care: The Pelvic Floor Clinic Robyn L'Estelle Brennen Zoom
11/07/2024 09:54:15