ICS 2024 Round Table Discussions

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ICS 2024 Round Table Discussions

Multi-disciplinary panels

Our international and multi-disciplinary panels will bring you the hottest topics and the latest research.

Treatment of male LUTS: Are we in a new era?

Explore the evolving landscape of male lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) treatment in this dynamic round table session. Leading experts will discuss the latest advancements in minimally invasive techniques such as Rezum, Aquablation, and laser enucleation. Gain insights into patient selection, outcomes, and the balance between medical and surgical interventions. This session is a must-attend for those keen on understanding the future of LUTS management and the implications for clinical practice.

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Pelvic floor dysfunction in male and female cancers: conservative management strategies before and after cancer treatment

Join us for an in-depth discussion on conservative management strategies for pelvic floor dysfunction in cancer patients. This session will review evidence-based rehabilitation and prehabilitation approaches before and after cancer treatment. Experts will cover topics such as the impact of these strategies on urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction, pain, and muscle function, with a focus on optimizing clinical outcomes. This session is crucial for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their clinical practice in oncology rehabilitation.

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Management of faecal incontinence and bowel dysfunction following surgery

The session is essential for healthcare professionals dedicated to improving post-operative outcomes for their patients. It will cover critical topics such as low anterior resection syndrome, iatrogenic sphincter injury, the psychological impact of these conditions, and both non-surgical and surgical treatment options.

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Fibrosis of the LUT — Pathogenesis, Functional Consequences and Novel Therapeutic Targets

Delve into the complexities of lower urinary tract (LUT) fibrosis in this engaging session. Experts will explore the pathological basis, clinical implications, and novel therapeutic targets for LUT fibrosis, covering pediatric, adult, and geriatric perspectives. Topics include molecular targets for treatment, gender differences, and the impact of fibrosis on bladder function. This session is vital for healthcare professionals and scientists focused on innovative approaches to LUT health.

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Research Impact: New dimensions and new paradigms

This session will explore innovative strategies to improve research measurement, broaden reach, and integrate diverse methodologies. Topics will include new paradigms in data analysis, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the translation of research findings into practical applications. This session is essential for researchers and practitioners aiming to elevate the significance and applicability of their work.

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Expanding Neuromodulation Applications to the Lower Urinary Tract: Pudendal and Implantable Tibial

This session will cover emerging applications of pudendal neuromodulation for idiopathic urinary incontinence and bladder pain, as well as implantable tibial neuromodulation for overactive bladder (OAB). Experts will discuss innovative treatments for neurogenic bladder with detrusor sphincter dyssynergia (DESD). Join leading researchers and clinicians to explore these groundbreaking therapies.

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Big Data Analysis in Urodynamics

Learn about data acquisition, quality control, and processing using classical and machine learning methods. Experts will discuss how to implement these techniques in clinical practice, addressing challenges and future prospects. This session is ideal for professionals looking to enhance their research and clinical outcomes through advanced data analysis.

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