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ICS Video Podcast with Melanie Morin and Kathleen Hunter

Friday 09 Oct 2020 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Grab a coffee and listen or watch the latest ICS Video Podcast!

This edition features ICS Scientific Committee Members Melanie Morin (Physiotherapist Representative) and Kathleen Hunter (Nursing Representative) discussing the ICS 2020 online Scientific Committee meeting and programme for nurses and physiotherapists.

This years Scientific Committee meeting was very different to previous years, as a virtual meeting. But it worked well due to having experienced and dedicated committee members, selecting the final abstracts for the meeting.

As in previous year's the programme offers something for everyone! Check out the sessions recommended by Melanie and Kathleen:

Melanie's top tips for first time attendees "make sure you plan your personal schedule ahead. So you don't miss out! ICS is very welcoming and we look forward to welcoming you to ICS 2020 online!"

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