W29 Innovative Physiotherapy Workshop: The Door-to-Door Concept (Free Workshop)

Committee Activity

Level: Advanced

Length: 480 minutes

Category: Rehabilitation & Conservative Treatments

Keywords: Conservative treatment, Functional training, multidisciplinary assessment

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09:0009:10Welcome and explanation concept of Door to DoorBary Berghmans
09:1009:40Door open: physiotherapeutic diagnostic consultation and evaluation in UIMarijke Slieker ten Hove
09:4010:10Door open: physiotherapeutic diagnostic consultation and evaluation in FISilvana Uchoa
10:1010:30Urgency: importance of door to doorGommert van Koeveringe
11:0012:00Debate and panel discussion: doctor's view on physio's evaluation: door open or not?Silvana Uchoa, Helena Frawley, Alex Digesu, Paulo Palma, Lucia Camara
14:0014:20Urgent need! Overactive Bladder?? door open doctorPhilip Van Kerrebroeck
14:2014:40Urgent need! Overactive Bladder?? door open nurseKatherine Moore
14:4015:00Urgent need! Overactive Bladder?? door open pelvic physiotherapistBary Berghmans
15:0015:30Physio's door of assessment and treatment of neurogenic bladder problemsBeth Shelly
16:0016:30doctor’s door of assessment and treatment of neurogenic bladder problemsHelmut Madersbacher
16:3017:00Doctor's assessment and treatment of dyspareunia and vaginismAparecida Pacetta
17:0017:30Physio’s door of assessment and treatment of dyspareunia and vaginismMaura Seleme
17:3018:20Discussion: door to door: should women train their PF all their life, if yes, how?Adelia Lucio, Maura Seleme, Tadeu Tamini, Maria Helena Baena-Lopes, Elisabeta Constantini, Stefano Salvatore
18:2018:30Final remarks and conclusionsBary Berghmans

Door to Door

Conservative assessment and treatments are in the spotlight of health care providers dealing with pelvic floor dysfunctions more and more. Scientific evidence and clinical practice based on the results of conservative management research is increasing worldwide. Still, there is much lacking in knowledge and skills related to conservative interventions.

The ICS already has a longstanding history of opening doors not only for medical doctors, but for physiotherapists, nurses and other allied professionals too. The ICS Annual Meeting 2014 will be held in South America for the first time, more specifically in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The ICS Scientific Committee has approved an innovative concept which is being launched during ICS 2014, Rio. This concept is called ‘Door to Door’ aiming to bring together all the relevant disciplines who work with patients with pelvic floor dysfunction.

The Concept

The patient is in front of two identical doors. Behind one door is a medical doctor, and other, allied health providers who are ready to assess, discuss, treat and evaluate the patient’s health problem; both are ready to work together in a multidisciplinary setting. To realize this, mutual understanding, cooperation and demonstration of clinical practice are paramount. This is the main reason for running this free of charge “Door to Door” full-day workshop - we hope to attract many participants from many disciplines, all of whom can learn how best to work together for the patients benefit.

This workshop brings medical doctors and other health providers shoulder to shoulder, to showcase evidence-based biological rationale and clinically relevant hands-on training on pelvic floor rehabilitation in adults with different kinds of pelvic floor dysfunctions; including:

• What are the underlying concepts and principles of these modalities of pelvic floor rehabilitation?

• What kind of patients are most suitable and what is the level of evidence?

• How is this evidence linked and how is it implemented into clinical practice?

There will be a practical session with active participation of attendants, to build on the biological rationale and show the participants innovative and effective assessment and treatment modalities.

Target Audience: Physiotherapists, urologists, gynaecologists, colorectal surgeons, nurses