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Prof Paulo CR Palma

ICS 2015

Non Discussion Abstract Session 39 Non Discussion Abstracts 574 MICRO SLING: TOWARDS ZERO COMPLICATION?

ICS 2018

30 August 2018 12:05 W27 Female urethra: challenging scenarios
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Paulo Palma


Qualifications:Professor PhD
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Urologist, researcher; born in Casa Branca, São Paulo, Brazil, on March,2, 1953; parents: Ademar Silveira Palma and Maria Gracinda (Rodrigues) Palma Medical Doctor by Universidade de Campinas, Brazil on 1977. Diplomate in Urology, Brazil. Resident at Universidade de Campinas from 1979 to1981. Fellow at University of Miami, Florida from 1981 to 1982. Assistent professor from 1982 to 1992, associated professor of urology from 1992 on. Superintendent of Hospital das Clinicas , Campinas from 1984 to 1987. Author of the books“How to Face Sexually Transmited Diseases”, 1984; “Miths and Truths About Prostate” and “Miths and Truths About Urinary Incontinence”, 1997; Illustrated Urogynecology 2005,Urophysiotherapy 2009 author : (videotape) “Lipoinjection for urinary incontinence”, 1992 (State prize 1993); editor of many medical videotapes; medical editor of the program Miths and Truth About Health, Globocabo TV, 1997to 1999. First Leutenent of Brazilian Army, 1978 to 1979. Recipient of the first prize of the Videotape prize World Congress of Videourology in 1992; Puigvert prize, from the American Confederation of Urology in 1994; First prize of Baeta Neves, São Paulo Medical Association in 1996; first prize of Hoechst in 1996; medal of merit by the American Confederation of Urology in 1996; first prize Nicolau de Barros from São Paulo Medical Association in 1997; first prize of the Sociedade Iberoamericana de Uroginecologia in 1998; Puigvert prize from American Urological Confederation in 1998; first prize of Baeta Neves from São Paulo Medical Association in 1998. Member of the American Urological Association; European association of urology, Brazilian Society of Urology; PanAmerican urological Confederation, ICS and IUGA. Past president Brazilian Society of Urology, São Paulo section. Several publications in peer reviewed magazine, including, Journal of Urology, Urology, European Urology, Archivos Españoles de urologia, Brazilian Journal of Urology. Edtor of Urovirt (www.urovirt.org.br), Associated Editor International Urogynecology Journal. Professor and Chairman urogynecology at the Universidade Estadual de campinas, UNICAMP , Sao Paulo , Brazil. Achievements include TVS (tendinous-vaginal support) for urinary stress incontinence that was the first mini sling from arc to Arc (Palma´s technique) 1999 , SAFYRE re-ajustable sling. Presently Director of the Brazilian School of Urology (Brazilian Society of Urology) and President of The CAU (Confederacion Americana de Urologia).

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