Joint Society Meeting of ICS and International Neuro-Urology Society (INUS): Challenges in Neuro-Urology

Society Meeting

International Neuro-Urology Society (INUS) is a charitable, not-for-profit organisation with legal seat (headquarters) in Bern, Switzerland. INUS was founded in August 2015 facing the fact that neuro-urology is still a stepchild of urology shadowed by oncology despite the constantly increasing number of patients especially with cerebral diseases and LUTS which need adequate management.
The aims of INUS are to raise awareness for neuro-urology and to increase its global visibility in order to provide the best possible care for neuro-urological patients worldwide. We would like to achieve these goals by education, research and patient information. INUS is the only society, which focuses exclusively on neuro-urology, and it is therefore not a competitor but complementary to other societies in the urological world. Thus, close collaborations with other societies interested in neuro-urology are aimed.
This intention is perfectly reflected by the joint venture between ICS and INUS during the forthcoming annual meeting of the ICS in Tokyo. The common proposal of ICS Neuro-Urology Promotion Committee and INUS was very much supported by Sherif Mourad, ICS General Secretary-Elect, and by Adrian Wagg, ICS General Secretary. We from INUS would like to thank both of them as well as Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler, Chair of the ICS Neuro-Urology Promotion Committee, for all their efforts to realise this joint venture. This event will be the beginning of a future fruitful cooperation of the ICS and INUS. Please see the programme below.

From bench to bedsideChairs: Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler, France / Helmut Madersbacher, Austria
09:0009:30Neurogenic bladder surveillance: are general guidelines of high value?Enrico Finazzi-Agro, Italy
09:3010:00Neuroimaging and lower urinary tract dysfunction: Systematic review and consensus developmentUlrich Mehnert, Switzerland
10:0010:30Which future for long-term antimuscarinics in Neuro-Urology?Adrian Wagg, Canada
10:3011:00Coffee Break
Global neuro-urological issuesChairs: Marcio Averbeck, Brazil / Thomas M. Kessler, Switzerland
11:0011:30Regional differences in intermittent catheterization: Single or multiple use?Waleed Al Taweel, Saudi Arabia / Marcio Averbeck, Brazil / Juan Castano, Columbia / Giulio Del Popolo, Italy / Jerzy Gajewski, Canada / Rizwan Hamid, UK / Yasuhiko Igawa, Japan / Limin Liao, China / Pawan Vasudewa, India
11:3012:00Animal models/research in Neuro-Urology: Do we need it?Naoki Yoshimura, USA
12:0012:30The Neuro-Urology potpourri: What you have never seen before...Emmanuel Braschi, Argentina

Prof. Helmut Madersbacher, MD: President of INUS
Ass. Prof. Thomas M. Kessler, MD: Vice-President of INUS