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ICS Video Podcast with Kathleen Hunter and Chantal Dumoulin

Friday 10 Sep 2021 {{NI.ViewCount}} Views {{NI.ViewCount}} Views

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Grab a coffee and listen or watch the latest ICS Video Podcast!

This edition features ICS Scientific Committee Members, Kathleen Hunter and Chantal Dumoulin, discussing the ICS 2021 Melbourne Online programme for nurses and physiotherapists.

It was interesting to see the new types of abstracts submitted this year. COVID has encouraged members to be creative and look into different types of research - systematic reviews, secondary analysis etc. Which has provided an interesting mix of abstracts and sessions for delegates to take part in.

As in previous year's the programme offers something for everyone! Check out the Conservative Manament sessions recommended by Kathleen and Chantal.

“The ICS 2021 Melbourne Online meeting has something for everyone!” Kathleen Hunter. One of the many benefits of an online meeting – you can attend more sessions! Chantal Dumoulin.

We look forward to welcoming nursing and physiotherapy members and delegates to ICS 2021 Melbourne Online!

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