12th Physiotherapy Round Table

Committee Activity

Organized by Fetske Hogen Esch, Jacqueline de Jong, Marijke Van Kampen

The ICS Physiotherapy Committee provided a sold out afternoon of programming and learning at the 12th Physiotherapy Round Table Monday 26 August 2013. The afternoon was opened by committee member Marijke Van Kampen and followed by an update from the current chair of the ICS physiotherapy committee Helena Frawley. The physiotherapy committee welcomed Bill Landry, Christina Naranjo Ortiz, and Stephanie Madill. We also thanked Fetske Hogen Esch and Pauline Chiarelli for their service on the physiotherapy committee. An announcement was also made that there will be several more vacancies on the committee and expressions of interest will be accepted soon.

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Introduction to the Round Table

Start End Presentation
13:30 13:35 "Meet and Greet"
13:35 14:00 Introduction

Welcome by Marijke Van Kampen Helena Frawley: Chair of the Physiotherapy Committee

Presentations of Scientific Projects and Studies

Start End Presentation
14:00 14:20 Grace Dorey: A scientific but critical view on treatment after prostatectomy.
14.20 14:40 Carolina Walker: Prevention of pelvic floor injuries in labour: analysis of maternal delivery position and pushing
14:40 15:15 Kari Bo: State of the Art Exercise programmes for the pelvic floor. Is there evidence for an optimal program.
15.15 15:45 Discussion in small groups
15.45 16:15 Panel Discussion (Panel: Kari Bo, Helena Frawley, Bary Berghmans, Marijke Van Kampen)
16:15 16:45 Tea / Coffee Break


Start End Workshop
16:45 17:55 1st Workshop choice
17:55 19:00 2nd Workshop choice
19:00 20:00 Reception
Workshop Topic Speaker
1 Virtual reality and PFMT Chantal Dumoulin
2 Sexual dysfunctions in female patients: different steps of physiotherapy Alexandra Vermandel
3 Sexual function after radical prostatectomy: is there need for physiotherapy Inge Geraerts
4 Physiotherapy approach of chronic pelvic pain in female patients. Fetske Hogen Esch
5 EMG registration Petra Voorham-van der Zalm
6 Effect of pelvic floor muscle therapy after radical prostatectomy Joke Dijkstra
7 PFM-training with Swiss balls Beate Carriere

ICS Annual Meeting awards to Physiotherapists

The Conservative Management Award was presented to Hilde G et al abstract #8 "Effect of postpartum pelvic floor muscle training on urinary incontinence in primiparous women with and without major pelvic floor muscle defects. An assessor blinded randomized controlled trial".

Best Clinical Abstract Presentation was also given to a physiotherapy involved team Geraerts I et al abstract #139 "Displacements of pelvic floor structures during voluntary pelvic floor muscle contraction in continent and incontinent men after radical prostatectomy measured with transperineal ultrasound".

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