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Dr Petra J. Voorham - van der Zalm
Leiden University Medical Center

ICS 2018

Podium Short Oral Session 20 Pelvic Floor Muscle Assessment and Treatment 318 Pelvic floor muscle activation during contractions of the muscles surrounding the Pelvic Floor

ICS 2017

Open Discussion ePoster Session 9 Open Discussion ePosters 1 177 Pelvic floor function in patients presenting with anal fissure.

Podium Short Oral Session 10 Conservative Treatments and Rehabilitation 217 The effect of EMG biofeedback assisted pelvic floor muscle therapy on symptoms of the overactive bladder syndrome in women: One-year Follow-Up

Podium Short Oral Session 32 Neuromodulation and Intravesical Therapies 549 Needle placement and position of electro stimulation inside sacral foramen determines pelvic floor EMG response – implications for sacral neuromodulation

ICS 2015

Open Discussion ePoster Session 8 Open Discussion ePoster 119 Changes in EMG signals of the pelvic floor in women with the overactive bladder syndrome after biofeedback assisted pelvic floor muscle therapy

Podium Session 3 Innovations in Pelvic Floor Muscle Therapy 14 The effect of EMG biofeedback assisted pelvic floor muscle therapy on symptoms of the overactive bladder syndrome in women: a randomised controlled trial

Oral ePoster Session 24 Biomechanics and Experimental Models 315 Differences in activation patterns of pelvic floor EMG upon stimulation of sacral roots– New insights in optimizing lead placement for sacral neuromodulation

Podium Short Oral Session 37 Rehabilitation 525 Differences in EMG signals of pelvic floor musculature (PFM) in women with and without the overactive bladder syndrome

ICS 2013

Podium Session 15 Male 1 137 Effect of preoperative pelvic floor muscle therapy with biofeedback versus standard care on stress urinary incontinence and quality of life in men undergoing laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

ICS 2012

Podium Poster Session 11 Rehabilitation and Conservative Treatments I 111 The Multiple Array Probe (MAPLe): a new tool capable of measuring EMG of and differentiate between individual pelvic floor muscles.

ICS 2011

Podium Session 12 Prolapse and Pelvic Floor 134 Reliability of pelvic floor muscle EMG values measured in healthy volunteers using a new device: the Multiple Array Probe (MAPLe).


Non Discussion Poster Session 31 582 Validation and standardization of the Pelvic Floor Inventories (PeLFIs) for women in English

Non Discussion Poster Session 31 590 Effect of preoperative pelvic floor physiotherapy versus standard care on incontinence in men undergoing radical laparoscopic prostatectomy: an ongoing study

ICS 2009

Non Discussion Abstract Session 34 Read by Title 697 Chronic Testicular Pain as a Symptom of Pelvic floor Dysfunction

ICS 2008

Non Discussion Poster Session 19 385 Diagnostic Investigation of the Pelvic Floor: a helpful tool in the approach in patients with complaints of micturition, defecation and/or sexual dysfunction

ICS 2007

Non Discussion Poster Session 17 236 Development and Validation of the Pelvic Floor Inventories Leiden (PelFIs)

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Petra Voorham - van der Zalm

Committee Member

Profession:Clinical Researcher
Qualifications:PhD Staff Member
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Dr Petra J. Voorham - van der Zalm declared on the Tuesday 16th January 2018 that they did not have any existing or known future financial relationships or affiliations to disclose (NONE).